Player’s Club

Diamond Hill Players Club

Do you enjoy golf? How about meeting new friends who share your passion for the game? How about playing competitive golf with those new friends to see how your game
stacks up to the competition…

That is what the Diamond Hill Players Club is all about. People who are passionate about golf with a healthy respect for the game. Throw in the natural competition that comes with the sport we all love, and you have an experience
that will last a lifetime.

Weekly games include discounted rates, a small range bucket and playing one of the greatest courses in the area…It’s a winning opportunity for golfers over the age of 18, male or female-young or old,to enjoy camaraderie
and playing the sport we crave.

Welcome to the Diamond Hill Players Club (DHPC)!

DHPC is a Diamond Hill Golf Club sponsored league for golfers 18 yrs and older, open to both Men and Women that will be starting The last week of August. Our goal is to allow our members to experience the game in a unique way by offering a variety of events throughout the year.

Featured benefits:

  • Yearly Handicaps
  • Favorable Tee Times
  • Discounted Green Fees during league events
  • Regularly Scheduled Events
  • Special Tournaments and more . . .


Our leagues meet often during the week to fit almost everyone’s schedule: Tuesdays morning and mid-day, Thursday morning, Friday noon, Saturday morning, and Sundays morning and around midday these days and times will be based on requested participation. See our DHPC event site (click on events) on Facebook at for more information.

Player’s Club Application

    Please choose all that apply.

    Our Fees

    We have a $45 annual membership fee. For those who want to participate, there is an optional additional $5 fee to participate in our Hole-in-One competition. (Holes-in-One must be witnessed by two DHPC members in a regular game to count in this competition.) This fee includes that required yearly GHIN handicap management. As well as provide funds for the years events. Fee can be paid at course in the pro shop with application submission.

    Local Course Rules

    These are marked on each scorecard.

    Local Game Rules

    See Local Rules both Facebook and DHGC website, additionally the game leaders will provide rule information


    There may be periodic meetings scheduled to address issues or prepare for events, but nothing on a set date as of now. There will be a Voluntary player’s club workday once a month, the request is to have each member attend 6 per year and provide 1 hour helping with course upkeep (light work). You will be eligible for discounted green fees on this day if you choose to play.

    Tournaments and Other Competition

    • Major tournaments such as Masters and the DHGC open.
    • Annual Match Play Tournament with two divisions: Seniors and Open.
    • Yearlong DHGC Cup leading to a 2 to 4 week points playoff.
    • Other events based on interest


    DHPC will be looking to obtain sponsors for events and may include overall event sponsor or individual hole sponsors, if you have a sponsor and bring to the DHPC, you will be provided some additional benefit to be determined as of now.

    Posting Your Scores

    Once you are entered in to the system you may post scores from the rounds you play at Diamond Hill Golf and Country Club and at other locations that have an established course rating. It will be mandatory that you post your scores after each round.

    Golf Etiquette

    Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be.

    Say no to slow play. Keep pace. (While we’re young)! There are some hints on how to avoid slow play posted on out bulletin board.

    Help the course: Fill fairway divots with sand, repair ball marks on greens and rake the sand traps. As players Club Members, please do your part, empty your sand container by filling in 3 extra divots around your shots and repair extra ball marks on greens.

    Email List

    Email will be primary way to send out updates; therefore providing email is required upon application submission.

    DHPC and DHGC

    The Diamond Hill Golf Course is the home of the Diamond Hill Players Club. We want to treat the course and also the staff members of DHGC with respect. If you have a matter that needs to be brought to the attention of DHGC, please do so through DHPC players club Director (Tal).